• Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View

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    Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

    I love a good sunrise or sunset photo and can’t resist taking photos of the gorgeous sky during them. When I saw that last week’s photo challenge was “Rise/Set” I looked through my photos to see what sunrise or sunset photo I wanted to use and hadn’t already shared before – at least not for a photo challenge. Last summer I went to Cape Cod for vacation and on the last night I went to dinner at Mattakeese Wharf and was lucky enough to get a table by the window so I could see the view and the beautiful sunset. Luckily it was good weather! I took a whole series of…

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    Photo Challenge: Glow

    We made it to Friday! The week didn’t feel too long but I am more than ready for the weekend. I’m feeling run-down lately and drained both mentally and physically so I definitely am looking forward to using this weekend to recharge! Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Glow” and the photo I picked definitely helps put me in that rejuvenated mindset. I snapped this photo with my phone when out for a walk a few weeks ago. I took this photo in the evening before the sun went down. As I was about to turn a corner the sun was at that stage where it’s just right…

  • Mississauga

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    Photo Challenge: Waiting

    “Waiting” was a good photo challenge from The Daily Post last week for me because I was doing a lot of waiting last week. As many of you know, my full-time job is a teacher and you may have seen me mention in a post last week that the beginning of my school year was delayed due to our moving to a new facility and it taking longer than anticipated. So last week was a lot of waiting for updates. I didn’t have a photo to symbolize this waiting game though. I did, however, have time to go through my photos to find one I thought would be a good…

  • Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View

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    Last Day on Cape Cod

    We’ve reached the last recap post of my vacation to Cape Cod! But fret not, it’s not my last post altogether about my trip because I have a food post coming up later today and I’ll be making a few short videos with highlights of my trip. But for today, I’m talking about my last full day on Cape Cod. My last day there was really laid back and relaxing. After eating our hotel breakfast, my family and I drove about 15 minutes to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory! The factory has self-guided tours. “Tour” is a bit generous, you pretty much just walk through and can look through…

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    Photo Challenge: Transient

    Transient – even just the sound of the word gives off the feeling of impermanence. When The Daily Post challenged participants to post a photo response to the challenge “Transient” a few photos came to mind. Coincidentally, two of the photos I had in mind were of birds. One was of a bird that was perched on the railing of my porch for a really long time and I was able to get a close-up. I like to think he/she was thinking about where to fly off to next. The other photo was taken from my bedroom window of hundreds of birds in my yard. It’s the creepiest and coolest…

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    Photo Challenge: Pure

    It’s hard to believe today is my last day of work before my summer break. That’s right, today is the last day of school! It’s been a busy and tiring school year so I’m welcoming this break with open arms. All that stands between me and summer break is a half day of work, a staff lunch, and graduation tonight which I’ll be hosting again. Hopefully I don’t mess up while speaking or saying names for diplomas. Wish me luck! In keeping with the idea of summer break beginning, my photo response to this past week’s The Daily Post’s photo challenge for “Pure” is a picture I took in my backyard…

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    Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

    I’m officially on spring break! It was much needed and hopefully it isn’t ephemeral (see what I did there?!). So obviously, the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post is “Ephemeral”, which means lasting for a very short time. Some of the most beautiful photographs are ones that capture something that happens so quickly that you think you or the photographer was so lucky to catch that at just the right moment. This is another one of those photo challenges where it’s really helpful if you already have a photo in your archives because it’s not something you can really look for or force. I thought about pictures I’ve taken…

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    Photo Challenge: Silhouette

    This week’s photo challenge on The Daily Post was Silhouette. When I saw the post with the announcement last week my first reaction was “Noooooo!!” Let me explain. Last Friday I was packing up and getting ready to head home from Hawaii on an evening flight. I had no time to capture a silhouette picture before getting on the plane and Hawaii would’ve given me so many opportunities to get a good silhouette picture. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Since I’ve been home I haven’t gotten any silhouette pictures and truthfully I haven’t even been paying attention during sunset moments because of I’ve been busy seeing friends and running…

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    Sunset & Stargazing on Mauna Kea

    One of the best things I did while in Hawaii was go up Mauna Kea on the Big Island to see the sunset and stargaze. My family and I went with Mauna Kea Summit Adventures which is the oldest company to offer tours up to the summit to see the sunset. I’m not talking about any old sunset. This is a view of the sunset from above the clouds! We were a little under 14,000 ft. up and it was nothing short of amazing. Hoodie: Victoria’s Secret Jeans: Gap  Our guide picked us up in a company van from our hotel. There were 14 people in our van not including our guide.…

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    Nautical & Floral Looks

    Today, I decided to go with a nautical look during the day opting for white terry cloth shorts and a navy blue & white striped tank top. The tank top has large arm holes and a built in matching bandeau. These two pictures were taken right outside my hotel room in Waikoloa. As always, anything I’m wearing that is, to my knowledge, still available for purchase, is linked below!   Top: Striped Bandeau & Tank by SO via Kohls Shorts: French Terry Shortie Shorts by Energie via Kohls I spent a few hours at the beautiful Hapuna Beach. It was voted as one of the top beaches in Hawaii. The…