Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View
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Last Day on Cape Cod

We’ve reached the last recap post of my vacation to Cape Cod! But fret not, it’s not my last post altogether about my trip because I have a food post coming up later today and I’ll be making a few short videos with highlights of my trip. But for today, I’m talking about my last full day on Cape Cod. My last day there was really laid back and relaxing.

After eating our hotel breakfast, my family and I drove about 15 minutes to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory! The factory has self-guided tours. “Tour” is a bit generous, you pretty much just walk through and can look through the windows at the potato chips being made and packaged. No photography was allowed though!

Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory

Next to each window was a sign with information on the process and what you might be seeing through that window. It’s a really quick “tour” as you can walk through in just a few minutes. That leads, of course, to the shop with all the Cape Cod Potato Chips you could ever need in your life. A small fun-sized bag is complimentary and then you can buy all different size bags and flavors as well as other items. We bought a few different bags for ourselves and then some to give to other people. Yes, you can buy these at the grocery store back home, but it’s just cool to buy them from the factory itself! They also had pre-made gift bags so all those small bags came in sets. Like the little beach pail filled with chips – I picked this up for my best friend’s toddler who loves chips. The pail and 6 bags of chips inside was only like $3!!

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Next, we headed to the beach. We went a few miles down the road to Craigsville Beach. It was a little breezy and not too hot so it was perfect for just relaxing by the water.

Craigsville Beach 2
Craigsville Beach
Craigsville Beach 1
Craigsville Beach 3
I walked along the shore until I hit the private beaches on both ends and then just relaxed for a little while. I took about a 10 minute nap and it felt so nice with the sound of the waves and the breeze!

We left the beach and headed out for lunch and then ran a few errands (Trader Joe’s for car snacks for the ride home the next day and Starbucks). I was going to hang by the hotel pool again but it got a little chilly due to the clouds so I just relaxed in my room and watched Jaws! It had been on my mind since Martha’s Vineyard the day before since the movie was filmed there.

Barnstable - Flowers

Then we headed out to our last dinner on The Cape. We went to Mattakeese Wharf for dinner and luckily we made a reservation because it was packed! And good thing my brother asked for a table with a view when he made the reservation. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee anything but we luckily got a view of the wharf and the spectacular sunset! I took photos (and videos) of the sunset every few minutes to capture it all!

Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View
Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View 1
Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View 2
Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View 3
Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View 4
Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View 5

It was a gorgeous view of the water and sunset for our last night of the trip!

Overall, it was a nice and laid back vacation with lots of beautiful sights!

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