• Floral Co-Ord Set + Round Straw Bag
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    Floral Co-Ord Set

    I love the look of co-ord sets and I’d been wanting a set for a while. A lot of them are crop tops though and I wanted to find something with a top that was a little longer. This set is so cute and comfy. I love the light pink color and the floral print. The top is still a bit cropped, but it’s not nearly as short as the ones I usually see. The shorts have an elastic waistband and go up on the sides a bit. I wore them a little higher on the waist than usual just so they could meet the hem of the top a…

  • Beach Cleanup
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    Photo Challenge: Story

    We made it to Friday! Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Story” and I wanted to find a photo of mine that told a visual story but at the same time made you wonder what the real story was. I took this photo in November when on a field trip with some students on a beach clean up trip. We went to Island Beach State Park for a few hours and the rangers provided us with gloves and garbage bags. Upon walking on to the beach it looked pristine, empty, and beautiful. But once we started digging a bit under the top layer of sand we found…

  • Ocean Rocks

    Photo Challenge: Weathered

    For last week’s photo challenge, “Weathered“, I really wish I had a photo of a building or item that looked really weathered. Like a rusty bike or something. But I didn’t have time to look through all my photos and nothing was coming to mind. So I’m not loving the photo I chose today, but I’m not hating it either. I took this photo over the summer while at the beach (Long Branch Beach) with family that was visiting. This photo of rocks by the shoreline constantly has the waves crashing against it and having water run over it. And I’m sure when the tide comes in it’s covered or…

  • Floral Deep V One-Piece Swimsuit
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    Beach Style: One-Pieces

    “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” – Marilyn Monroe My post today is a look at my beach/pool style this year but I also want to talk about body image. This year I was all about the one-piece. It’s been a growing trend the past few summers, but this summer it really reached new levels of popularity. I used to hate one-pieces back in the day because they were seriously un-stylish. The only time I ever wore one-pieces was back when I was really little and didn’t care what I was wearing and the only times I wore them when I get…

  • Blue + White Circle Beach Blanket

    Blue & White Circle Beach Blanket

    I think it was last year that I first saw photos of circle beach blankets and loved how different and pretty they were. Since then, I’ve been keeping my eye out for one I liked and wasn’t too expensive. I got this pretty blue and white one from one of the online boutiques I’ve bought from before and trust, Just Lex Boutique . I recently shared a dress I wore from them – the striped knot twist dress (here). I brought the circle beach blanket with me to Cape Cod and got to use it at Craigsville Beach during my last day of vacation there. I actually originally ordered a different…

  • Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View
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    Last Day on Cape Cod

    We’ve reached the last recap post of my vacation to Cape Cod! But fret not, it’s not my last post altogether about my trip because I have a food post coming up later today and I’ll be making a few short videos with highlights of my trip. But for today, I’m talking about my last full day on Cape Cod. My last day there was really laid back and relaxing. After eating our hotel breakfast, my family and I drove about 15 minutes to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory! The factory has self-guided tours. “Tour” is a bit generous, you pretty much just walk through and can look through…

  • Cape May
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    Photo Challenge: Delta

    I’m headed home today from my vacation. I can’t believe it’s been a week already! I’ll resume my travel posts tomorrow (if you missed them you can read what I’ve posted so far here, here, and here), but for today I’ve got my response to last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Delta“. In the challenge, participants were prompted to share a photo that signifies transition or change. It could be the beginning or end of something. When I think of deltas, naturally I think of water, so I decided to use this photo I took last spring. I may have spent the past week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts,…

  • Bradley Beach
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    Beach Days

    Happy Labor Day! This long weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. There are quite a few (okay, 3) “ends of summer” for me. I went back to work last week so that was pretty much the end of summer for me. The students start tomorrow with the official start of school so that’s another way to view the “end of summer”. And, of course, the season doesn’t officially end calendar wise until later on in the month. But I digress, Labor Day Weekend usually marks the end of summer so I thought I would round up my beach looks and some beach snaps (and 1 pool shot) to celebrate/mourn…

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    Beach Style

    Last week I posted about beach hair and mentioned that I sadly had not yet been to the beach this summer even though I don’t live too far from the shore. Well I finally made it there and even included a shot from the beach in last week’s photo challenge! I wanted to share with you all my typical beach style. When I think about it, what I wear and bring with me to the beach is pretty consistent save for a few variables. I always wear to the beach: a swimsuit and a coverup Things I always bring: beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, hair tie, and a change of clothes.…

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    Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

    Sometimes we can get so caught up in what’s right in front of our faces that we forget to look down and look at the world beneath our feet. I have to say, my response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week, “Beneath Your feet”, isn’t too intricate or creative, but was the best thing underneath (and above for that matter) my feet all week! I recently spoke about how I hadn’t made it to the beach at all this summer because I’ve been so busy. Seeing as I’m from New Jersey and any number of beaches are within easy driving distance it was beginning to get sad. I’m…