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    #fbf Seaside Stroll

    I met up with Lauren yesterday for a late summer photoshoot and we got so lucky with the weather. It rained in the morning, was cloudy for most of the afternoon, and then the clouds parted and it was a beautiful evening. The same thing happened during our summer photoshoot at a small beach last year, when the photo below was taken. It poured the first half of the day and then became a gorgeous evening. With my summer break winding down, I thought it was a good time to share this throwback photo. ““The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free.” — Unknown

  • Ocean Rocks


    Photo Challenge: Weathered

    For last week’s photo challenge, “Weathered“, I really wish I had a photo of a building or item that looked really weathered. Like a rusty bike or something. But I didn’t have time to look through all my photos and nothing was coming to mind. So I’m not loving the photo I chose today, but I’m not hating it either. I took this photo over the summer while at the beach (Long Branch Beach) with family that was visiting. This photo of rocks by the shoreline constantly has the waves crashing against it and having water run over it. And I’m sure when the tide comes in it’s covered or…

  • Mattakeese Wharf - Sunset View

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    Last Day on Cape Cod

    We’ve reached the last recap post of my vacation to Cape Cod! But fret not, it’s not my last post altogether about my trip because I have a food post coming up later today and I’ll be making a few short videos with highlights of my trip. But for today, I’m talking about my last full day on Cape Cod. My last day there was really laid back and relaxing. After eating our hotel breakfast, my family and I drove about 15 minutes to the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory! The factory has self-guided tours. “Tour” is a bit generous, you pretty much just walk through and can look through…

  • Cape May

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    Photo Challenge: Delta

    I’m headed home today from my vacation. I can’t believe it’s been a week already! I’ll resume my travel posts tomorrow (if you missed them you can read what I’ve posted so far here, here, and here), but for today I’ve got my response to last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Delta“. In the challenge, participants were prompted to share a photo that signifies transition or change. It could be the beginning or end of something. When I think of deltas, naturally I think of water, so I decided to use this photo I took last spring. I may have spent the past week in Cape Cod, Massachusetts,…

  • Alaska Cruise


    Sights from the Ship

    It’s hard to believe that my time in Alaska is up! As this post goes live I’ll be getting ready to disembark the cruise ship and be shuttled over to the airport in Vancouver to fly home (though as I write this I still have 1 full day at sea left). It’s going to be a long travel day, not quite as long as when I came to Alaska because it will be a direct flight. But still with the travel time and time difference I won’t be home until late tonight. Today I’m going to talk about some of the sights I’ve seen from the ship this week. First…

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    Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

    Sometimes we can get so caught up in what’s right in front of our faces that we forget to look down and look at the world beneath our feet. I have to say, my response to The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week, “Beneath Your feet”, isn’t too intricate or creative, but was the best thing underneath (and above for that matter) my feet all week! I recently spoke about how I hadn’t made it to the beach at all this summer because I’ve been so busy. Seeing as I’m from New Jersey and any number of beaches are within easy driving distance it was beginning to get sad. I’m…

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    Photo Challenge: Adventure

    The latest photo challenge from The Daily Post is Adventure . Adventure can mean so many different things to different people. It can be going on a road trip, sky diving, trapeze, or even something like trying out a cooking class. I actually have gone to a trapeze class before, but that was a few years ago and I wanted to capture a sense of adventure from something more recent. I decided to go with this picture I took of some surfers in Hawaii when I was there last month. This was taken the day after the hurricane. This was in Kailua-Kona and there were a lot of surfers out that day.…

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    Throwback Thursday: Diamond Head

    Last month when I was in Hawaii, I went to Diamond Head Crater. Diamond Head is visible from much of Waikiki Beach and is an iconic site. It’s a state park and there is a trail that you can walk/hike up one of the sides of the crater. In case you don’t know, Diamond Head is a crater formed from a volcanic eruption 300,000 years ago. The trail is mostly paved because there are so many visitors. When I say paved, I mean packed dirt to form a trail. The trail was only 0.7 miles so it was by no means a long hike, but parts of it were steep because…

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    Kailua-Kona OOTD

    Yesterday, we drove down to Kailua-Kona, a beach-side town about 40 minutes away from where we’re staying. As soon as we arrived in town, I could see the crowds of people on the sides of the street along the water watching, photographing, and videotaping all the surfers trying to catch the waves. I don’t know how to surf and I’m no expert on the tides so I don’t know if the waves were good at that time yesterday because of the tide or if the waves were better since the tropical storm/hurricane had just passed. Whatever the reason, it was fun (and windy) to relax for a little while and…