Pico Laser Session 2
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Q-Switch Ruby Laser Session 2

Last week I had my second session with the Q-Switch Ruby Laser at Reflections Center for Skin & Body. If you’re new around here, I started going there last summer after getting referred by my dermatologist. I have been wanting to get rid of some spots and acne marks on my face for a while and last summer I finally got my consultation and started treatments. I did 5 or 6 (I lost count) sessions of the V-Beam laser which was to reduce the red marks/scars. Now I’m doing the Q-Switch Ruby or Pico Laser to get rid of brown spots. The brown spots become more noticeable when you get rid of the red marks because the redness masks the brown.

I wrote about my first Q-Switch Ruby Laser session in January and I was supposed to go back for my follow-up 4 weeks later but I had the flu so I had to push it back. One side of my face definitely got lighter, but the other side where I had a larger brown spot that was really annoying me, didn’t lighten much. So I had to do another session and the doctor upped the level this time. It feels similar to the V-Beam, but where the V-Beam is a little more intense in the electric shock feeling, I feel the Q-Switch has a more burning feeling. It hurts, but it’s temporary and totally manageable. The nurse I had this time was one I hadn’t had before and what I found really nice is that she had her hand on my arm during the treatment. During the treatment your eyes are covered with metal caps so you can’t see anything that’s going on. I just hear the doctor saying “Ready?” and feeling her hands on my face as she zaps, zaps, zaps. The nurse this time gently held my arm and rubbed it soothingly and I felt very comforted by that! I’m sure some people might not like that, but it made me feel better.

The whole thing is done in like 2 minutes and they put Aquaphor on and gave me ice packs. The doctor said it may blister and flake, but to just keep it moisturized. I told her that she had told me that last time, but I didn’t experience any flaking (which is why I thought the brown spots didn’t fade much). She said this time it probably would since she did a higher level and the big spot looked like it was crusting already.

It did crust a little, but nothing too bad or hideous. After a few days the dry bits came off and I’m so impressed! I mean, it’s not totally gone, but it’s so much lighter and almost completely gone when I put a light amount of makeup on.

Here are series of photos from the past week.

  1. Before going in for my session. Wearing some light makeup because I went from work.

Pico Laser Session 2 - BeforePico Laser Session 2 - Before 1

2. In the parking lot after my treatment. Looking red.

Pico Laser Session 2Pico Laser Session 2 - 1

3. First day after the laser. Post-shower, pre-makeup.

Pico Laser Session 2 - 2Pico Laser Session 2 - 3

Some light makeup at work that same day. Didn’t want to put too much concealer on and make it cakey since the spot was dry.

Pico Laser Session 2 - 4

3. 5 days later. Post-shower, pre-makeup and post-light makeup application.

Pico Laser Session 2 - 5

Pico Laser Session 2 - 6

4. 6 days after the laser, wearing light makeup.

Pico Laser Session 2 - 7Pico Laser Session 2 - 8

I’m really pleased with the results. I go back next month for a follow-up and we’ll see where we go from there!

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