Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford
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Taylor Swift Concert in the Rain

If you watch my Instastories regularly then you may have seen that I was at the Taylor Swift concert Saturday night. You would also know that I absolutely loved it and had the time of my life even in the pouring rain! I wanted to give a quick recap of the concert and share some photos and a video…or two or three. I took so many photos and videos but kept most of the videos fairly short because I didn’t want to damage my phone in the rain! So I would take like 10 second videos and then quickly put it back in the pocket of my fleece jacket under my poncho! I don’t want to give too much away for those of you who are still going to see her, but I hope you enjoy my recap and photos/videos!

Rain was in and out of the forecast all week and so I prepared for the possible (and then certain) rain by buying a pack of ponchos from Amazon for my friends and me. I also wore a lightweight fleece jacket with a hood as another layer/barrier from the wind and rain. So my friends and I went to MetLife Stadium and arrived a little over an hour before the start of the show. We did a really quick tailgate for about 15-20 minutes, sipping on rosé – you know keeping it classy – and then headed in. Security was super easy and painless to get through since everything was well-organized. Then we were in and starting to get excited!

I got tickets for the 300 level which is the highest tier – hey tickets aren’t cheap! – but we were in the 3rd row and the seats actually weren’t bad! On our way up we stopped for Rita’s.

We only sat and chatted for maybe 20 minutes before the opening acts started. It was still light out and people were still coming in but Charlie XCX started off. She was entertaining, but I only know a few of her songs so I wasn’t super in to it. Then, Camila Cabello came out and she was fun. I really like her music so we were all excited to see her.

Then there was a little break before Taylor came out. From the friends I asked who saw her the night before and Instagram/blog friends who saw her in different cities on this tour, I gathered that she started at 9 and ended around 11. Taylor, being the ever thoughtful person she is, started about 20 minutes early. My guess is that she wanted to start early so she could end earlier since the rain was supposed to be heavier as the night went on. Anyway during the break between Camila Cabello and Taylor my friend and I went to get some fries. We had the most PERFECT timing, because just when we got back to our seats, the show started!

The rain varied from drizzling to steady rain the whole two hours but I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It was seriously incredibly memorable and I love that she did a full on show in the rain for us all. We all had so much fun singing and dancing around that I honestly didn’t even notice how hard it was raining at times! I had always heard that Taylor Swift puts on an amazing show, but now I’ve experienced it myself and I can tell you it is the truth. It is so much fun and in the rain it was just magical.

We all had wristbands that were given to us when we entered and they light up, change colors, etc. during her performances and pretty much go with the beat of the song. You’ll see in my videos! It was the most beautiful thing!

The show ended around 10:45 and we made our way out of the stadium in the crowds. As soon as we got out it started downpouring! The kind of heavy rain that you can’t even see in! By the time we found our car we were soaking wet. But we still had the best time and I would 100% see her again next tour! My friends agreed that the show was incredible, that the rain didn’t seem so bad during the show because we were having a blast, and that they’d see her again!

Here are some photos and videos!

Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 1Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 2Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 3Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 4Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 5Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 6Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 7Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 8Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 9Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford 10Taylor Swift Reputation Tour - East Rutherford

Taylor Swift talked a lot during the concert about how amazing it was that we were all there for the show and sticking it out in the rain. How she’s never had a full on rain show and this was going to be a night to remember – a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was so true. We had the best time! There have been a few news articles going around about how phenomenal the concert was in the rain like this Bustle one and I couldn’t agree more.

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