Striped OTS Romper
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Striped OTS Romper

Last night’s Ed Sheeran concert was so good! It was in the same stadium as when I saw Taylor Swift, and it was awesome in its own way. I thoroughly enjoyed both concerts, but of course they are different styles and vibes. I am going to write a blog post with some photos, videos, and all the details (including my friend surprising me with floor seats!) for tomorrow, but in the mean time you can always check out my Instagram stories for a few videos on there before they expire!

Now back to the purpose of this post. The weather is finally starting to turn milder with more fall-like temperatures but the forecast looks to be as rainy as it was last week. But for those occasional really warm fall days, I have the perfect outfit. This striped off-the-shoulder romper with bell sleeves is so pretty. The colors in the stripes go so well together and the romper is just so pretty overall.

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Romper: Express | Sandals: Target

Isn’t the romper so cute? There’s a drawstring waist and it’s really comfortable. The sleeves are bell sleeves but they have an asymmetrical design and sort of overlap in a tulip style. It’s a really nice sleeve detail. I loved wearing this last weekend and what made me even happier that I was wearing it is that I got complimented on it by a stranger! I went out to run errands and go shopping. When I stopped at the supermarket a woman told me she loved my outfit! I was so surprised and pleasantly delighted that she would tell me! Here I am in the supermarket trying to find the right spices I needed while dressed like I’m going somewhere nice and someone tells me they love my outfit. Talk about feel-good points!

I will probably have to wait until the spring to break this romper out again, but I definitely will be getting a lot of wear out of it when it’s warm weather again!

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