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Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting” was a good photo challenge from The Daily Post last week for me because I was doing a lot of waiting last week. As many of you know, my full-time job is a teacher and you may have seen me mention in a post last week that the beginning of my school year was delayed due to our moving to a new facility and it taking longer than anticipated. So last week was a lot of waiting for updates. I didn’t have a photo to symbolize this waiting game though. I did, however, have time to go through my photos to find one I thought would be a good photo response.

I decided to go with this photo I took out of the car window while in Canada last month. I went to Canada with my family for a long weekend to visit relatives so it was a lot of driving within 4 days. After a long drive, the weekend was filled with family things and more driving so it was tiring. This photo was taken after dinner one evening. The sun was setting and the sky looked beautiful. I was waiting for the sun to go down and also waiting to get back to the hotel so I could just relax a bit.


I don’t remember what road this was, but my phone location thingy says this photo was taken in Mississauga.

Now I can’t wait for this day to be over so it can officially be the weekend!

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