Lattice Tank Top

Lazy Day Matching

I’m officially on summer break! Graduation went pretty smoothly. I can’t believe I have another one under my belt now. With summer break comes more fun looks as well as the occasional lazy day look.

Today’s look isn’t exactly a lazy look, but although it may not look like it, I grabbed the top and shorts out of my drawers quickly. I call it “lazy” because I really was willing to wear whatever I came across first. You know those days where you really don’t feel like figuring out an outfit? You just want something that matches to magically come together. Well, I got lucky with this outfit because I could’ve been seriously mismatching. I grabbed this tank top out of my drawer with it’s inverted v lattice, geometric design, and shades of pink and blue. What could make this easy top even better? Pulling out pink crochet shorts that match perfectly, if I do say so myself, was too good to be true. How lucky was that?

Lattice Tank Top
Lattice Tank & Crochet Shorts

Top: Nordstrom Rack | Shorts: Express

These crochet shorts that I quickly grabbed from my drawer are so stylish, I just love them. It was incredibly easy to put this look together and I got really lucky that the top and shorts just so happened to match so well.


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