Burgundy Puffy Vest
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Burgundy Puffy Vest

We’re right in the middle of that time of year where the weather, and thereby the fashion, is transitioning. Puffy vests are perfect for the times in the year when it’s warm enough to go out without a coat, but not quite warm enough to be without any type of outerwear. Believe it or not, I took these photos last month – yes, in February! Just a few weeks before we got more snow. Go figure.

Burgundy Puffy Vest
Burgundy Puffy Vest 1Burgundy Puffy Vest 2
Burgundy Puffy Vest 3
Burgundy Puffy Vest 4
Burgundy Puffy Vest 5
Burgundy Puffy Vest 6
Burgundy Puffy Vest 7
Burgundy Puffy Vest 8

Vest: Banana Republic | Top: Victoria’s Secret | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: Ugg

My friend gave me this burgundy vest for Christmas and it is so warm, yet feels lightweight so it’s not too cumbersome which is great. I also love the warm, burgundy color. It’s such a nice color and works for various seasons!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I cut my hair short over the weekend! I wanted to change it up for spring and I haven’t had it short in a few years. Plus, my hair kept turning blonde where I had it purple last summer so I decided to just cut off all the blonde. As you can see in these photos, my hair is still long since I took these photos last month. I still have a few more looks saved up to share on here so you’re going to see my long hair for a little while still in some of these posts!

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