Verde Canyon Railroad
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Photo Challenge: Spare

When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was “Spare“, I started thinking about whether I had an old photo to use. Because the example used for the photo challenge from The Daily Post was a desert vista it made me think of my trip to Arizona last summer. I started browsing through my photos from my trip and lo and behold I came across photos from my day trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad that worked perfectly for the challenge.

Verde Canyon Railroad

Most of the hills and expansive landscape around us consisted of dry and arid land with the red rocks peeking through. Yet, in the center of this canyon lives lush greenery and trees. Such a beautiful contrast. It’s like this canyon land below was spared from the drier, harsher land above and around.

On a side note, it seems I use a good number of pictures from past travels for my photo challenge responses. In just a few weeks, I’ll be off on my next trip (details to be shared later!) and I anticipate it to be a trip with plenty of future photo challenge photos!

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