Banyan Tree - Roots
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Photo Challenge: Dense

Happy Friday! Beginning at 3:15 PM today I will officially be on spring break! While I do have some work to get done over the week, I will enjoy not having to wake up before 6am every day. As it’s Friday I’m back with my photo challenge response. Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Dense” and initially I wanted to use a photo of a bamboo forest or really just a patch of bamboo in Hawaii. You may know that bamboo gets really thick and they tend to grow really close to each other creating this dense area of bamboo. However, I couldn’t find the picture I had in mind on my laptop and I was too busy and then too lazy to look for the picture on my desktop. So I chose a different picture from my trip to Maui. Well actually, pictures.

I chose these photos of a banyan tree in Maui. Banyan trees are cool and memorable. Why, you ask? They have a canopy look to them which is pretty, but what makes them stand out is that their roots grown down from the branches!

Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree 1
Banyan Tree - Roots

Seeing roots hanging down was really cool. In some spots the roots are spaced out and give the impression that they’d swing around in the wind. In other spots the roots were more concentrated and gave off a denser look. There are some pretty interesting trees out there in the world!

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