Snowy Front Yard

Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

Last week’s photo challenge was “Against the Odds” and I’m using a photo from last winter as my photo response. It is definitely not from this week considering it is going to be 70 degrees today! Yes, in February!

Snowy Front Yard

I first shared this photo on here in my post last winter about being snowed in due to a blizzard. I thought this photo would be a good photo response for “Against the Odds” as a sort of symbolic picture. I think we all feel stuck in life at times – I know I’m guilty of it – and like we won’t be able to get over the latest hurdle or obstacle in life. Or not even that we won’t be able to get past the obstacle, but that it feels like life is constantly throwing things at us. It’s like being snowed in. You feel like you’re stuck and can’t get anywhere. You might not have even had any plans to leave the house that day, but just knowing that you can’t can be enough to drive you crazy. Especially if it’s for multiple days. Being snowed in up to my front porch is like being trapped, but you know that against the odds, you’re going to make it out just fine. You’ll bundle up and clear off the snow from your steps, walkway, and driveway and feel like you can breathe a little. It may take a while for them to clear your street, but just being able to walk out of your door is a success. Like in life, it may not be easy and it may take a while but you’ll chip away at the obstacle and eventually you’ll be free.

That’s my philosophical thought of the day. Hope you all enjoyed it and happy Friday!

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