Rain on Window

Photo Challenge: Security

Normally I would be so happy that it’s Friday and it means the weekend is upon us. But, this week has been my spring break so that means my break is almost over and I’ll be back to work after the weekend. Needless to say I’m not ready for my break to be over and to start what is sure to be a few stressful weeks with standardized testing etc. Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered a way to pause time so I’ll have to just enjoy my last few days!

Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Security” . One day last week it was pretty rainy all day and of course when it was time for me to head home from work it was absolutely pouring outside.

Rain on Window

It was the kind of hard rain that you have to run to your car and no matter how fast you run you are completely soaked. Plus, it had been raining all day so there were huge puddles in the parking lot. The kind that no matter how much you try to tip toe around them you end up getting your feet wet. There’s nothing worse than sitting in wet clothes and shoes! Well, there are worse things, but it’s not pleasant.

I took this photo when I made it to the safety and security of my car. Here’s my windshield before I turned the wipers on!

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