Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs
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Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

Easter is just 2 days away and for those of you who celebrate you may be in the midst of dying your easter eggs right about now. This year I didn’t buy any kits or anything. In fact, I wasn’t even going to do decorate any Easter eggs. That is until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Flash Tattoo posted some pictures of eggs decorated with their tattoos. I thought the idea was genius! Especially since I have some tattoos that I know I will never use. Which ones you ask? I love using the Flash Tattoos that are of single symbols like the hearts, stars, compass, coordinates, etc. as well as the words and phrases. But I don’t wear the ones that are the long bands or cuffs because it’s just not my style. So rather than waste them, they made the perfect decorations for my eggs!

Hardboiled Eggs
Flash Tattoos
Flash Tattoos 1
Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs
Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs 1
Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs 2
Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs 3
Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs 4

After my hard-boiled eggs had cooled down I cut out my tattoos and applied them to the eggs just as you would apply these tattoos to your skin – with a damp paper towel. I love the way they turned out! My favorites were the flowers and the black & gold palm print. For all but the flower one I trimmed and wrapped the tattoo around the egg. For the flower one I decided to just use two flowers for a more stamped look instead of wrap-around design.

This was really easy and a new way to decorate my Easter Eggs!

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