• Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

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    Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

    Easter is just 2 days away and for those of you who celebrate you may be in the midst of dying your easter eggs right about now. This year I didn’t buy any kits or anything. In fact, I wasn’t even going to do decorate any Easter eggs. That is until I was scrolling through InstagramΒ and saw Flash Tattoo posted some pictures of eggs decorated with their tattoos. I thought the idea was genius! Especially since I have some tattoos that I know I will never use. Which ones you ask? I love using the Flash Tattoos that are of single symbols like the hearts, stars, compass, coordinates, etc. as…

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    Easter Eggs

    I haven’t dyed Easter eggs in years, but I felt like doing it this year so that’s just what I did this past weekend.Β I’m not very artistic, though I wish I was, so I didn’t make pretty eggs with really cool and/or intricate designs (maybe one day!). All I did was dye them. I used this shrink wrap type thing on one of the eggs. I had 2 more to use, but they wouldn’t fit around the eggs! The one that did work, slipped onto the egg and then I used a blow dryer and the wrapping melted/stuck onto the egg shell. The little dye kit I got also came…