• Welch's Easter Fruit Snacks


    Welch’s Easter Fruit Snacks

    If you’ve been following me on here since last spring then you might remember they were kind enough to send me their Easter themed fruit snacks. This year they sent them to me again, but included some individual packs inside a plastic Easter egg! Such a cute idea for an Easter basket! Love that they come in small individual packs. Perfect for snacking and taking with you wherever you go. You know, if we could go places! I love these fruit snacks. They’re so yummy. No wonder they’re the #1 fruit snack brand! *These products were sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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    It’s Almost Easter Bunny Time Again!

    The aisles of your favorite shops are already filling with easter eggs and cute bunny decorations. Spring doesn’t start until it’s officially Easter. Indeed, depending on where you live, you could still encounter late March and early April frost and sometimes even snow. If you’ve been counting down the days before the official start of the spring season to plant flowers and take out your light dresses from the storage room, you’d better be cautious. But, the good news is that you’ve gotten yourself some extra more weeks for the official spring cleaning!  You can use the extra time to get your home ready with some elegant homemade decorations. If…

  • Easter Eggs - Sleeping Faces

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    Easter Eggs – Sleeping Faces

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate! I decided very last minute yesterday to dye some eggs for the occasion. Last year I decorated plain white eggs with Flash Tattoo tattoos, but this year I decided to actually dye them. I started out with 6 eggs, but had 2 casualties so I ended up with 4. I dyed them green and blue and then drew on sweet sleeping faces.   I practiced drawing the faces on paper first to make sure I could do it well and they actually turned out better on the eggs than on the paper so that was a huge relief! I love the way these turned…

  • Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

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    Flash Tattoo Easter Eggs

    Easter is just 2 days away and for those of you who celebrate you may be in the midst of dying your easter eggs right about now. This year I didn’t buy any kits or anything. In fact, I wasn’t even going to do decorate any Easter eggs. That is until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Flash Tattoo posted some pictures of eggs decorated with their tattoos. I thought the idea was genius! Especially since I have some tattoos that I know I will never use. Which ones you ask? I love using the Flash Tattoos that are of single symbols like the hearts, stars, compass, coordinates, etc. as…