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#tbt Peeps

Are you a fan of Peeps? I like them, but can only eat a few before I’ve had enough. I feel like they’re a must-have for spring and Easter though. Back around Valentine’s Day, I was looking for Valentine’s chocolate at the supermarket and came across half of an entire aisle just for Peeps. I’d never seen so many Peeps in one spot in my life!

The boxes of Peeps goes on for a few feet more to my left and right, but I couldn’t fit it all into my phone without backing into the other side of the aisle.

Whenever I think of Peeps, two things come to mind. The first was back in high school. I don’t remember if I’ve ever told this story before, but I’ll tell it anyway. One day I had a bunch of my friends over to hang out. I really don’t remember what we were doing that night. Watching movies or something. My girlfriends and me were talking about how we were wondering what it would look like to put a Peep in the microwave because we know that marshmallows expand and get big in the microwave. Would the rabbit or chick or whatever, explode? But I only had 1 pack of Peeps and we really didn’t want to have to deal with the boys using them all up. We also kind of wanted them to go home if I remember correctly. If any of my friends that were there that night are reading this and remember, let me know! Anyway we came up with a plan and I don’t remember how we planned this out without the guys hearing us, but the girls all said they were heading home so that the guys would go too. They all got into the cars (I guess this was senior year because a few of them had their licenses) and left. The girls just went around the block and then came back and we blew up Peeps in the microwave and hung out for longer.

The other thing Peeps reminds me of is my friend Lindsey’s extremely popular novel, The Cell Phone Swap or Textrovert depending if you’re talking about the Wattpad version or published hardcopy version. The main male protagonist, Talon, is obsessed with Peeps. He’s also a pretty swoon worthy character, just saying.

Oh! And as an update to yesterday’s post , my first dose of the vaccine went off without a hitch. So far no side effects except a very sore arm. I got the Pfizer vaccine. Hopefully I won’t have any side effects with the 2nd dose like many people to, although I think that’s mostly with Moderna. Also, I’m sad that my spring break is almost over already!

Have a great Thursday!

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