Unknown Pleasures: Creating a Garden That Inspires You

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A garden is a space that can be all things to all people. Some people view it as a sanctuary and as a place to feel more comfortable in life, yet others need it to be an inspiring space. When you are on the lookout to create an inspiring garden, something that forces you to work harder and get your brain going, how do you go about doing it? Let’s show you some approaches that can help improve your space and inspire you at the same time. 

Think About the Journey of the Space 

When we’re trying to create a garden that helps us unleash our creativity, sometimes the feeling of being in a relaxing space can help us think about a whole manner of things. The garden has an abundance of inhabitants from plants to insects. And when we put all this together, it can force you into a deeper level of thinking. But when you start to choreograph a journey through your garden space, there may be things that obstruct. To create a garden that’s a bit more flowing in terms of its story, you may want to make the most of businesses like the Sydney Tree Company to remove trees and frame the space in a way that tells a story. 

Focus on Stimulation 

Sensory stimulation is crucial. We spend a lot of time in a garden space focusing on the sights, sounds, and smells. Making sure that each aspect works in tandem with each other is essential. A garden should be, in many ways, that sensual experience, and this is where you start to incorporate so many different things that stimulate your senses. The smells of the gardens will stem from the choice of flowers, the colors will stem from the design, and when you start to consider the sound, this is an extra level of stimulation. For example, while you may not have control over what goes on beyond your garden walls, you can still find ways to provide a constant hum underneath your garden’s general noise. For example, the leaves that are rustling at certain times of the year. And when you start to create soothing soundscapes, it will make a massive difference to the quality of your space. Something as simple as a fountain can create a very calming tone. 

Making the Garden Reflect Your Personality 

Something we’ve all got to consider. You are the master of your domain, and you can learn by going to other gardens and soaking in the atmosphere, but making a garden more inspiring is partly to do with listening to the space and letting it inspire you. It’s about making sure you know how the environment behaves when you are not there. And when you start to consider every single component of an inspiring garden, it’s about the unexpected and unknown pleasures. Creating a garden that inspires you and forces you to be creative is about a space that will surprise you every time you venture out there. 

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