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Mixed Striped Pullover

I hope all of your weeks are going well so far! Somehow I’ve gotten to the second half of my spring break and I’m nowhere near ready for it to end. I think spring break should be at least 2 weeks long. Who’s with me?!

Until that happens, let’s move on to today’s post. I swear I’ve shared this top on the blog before but when I searched through my posts via the search bar, I couldn’t find it. Maybe I wore it in a post where it’s not featured  – like an accessories post. So if I have shared it before, then you’re getting a restyling, and if I haven’t then it’s all new to the site!

I picked this top up from Nordstrom Rack last winter and took these photos a few weeks ago. Pre-haircut.

I love how soft this mixed stripe pullover is. The stripes are not solid and instead have a broken up style which I think helps give off a softer look. This top was actually labeled as “Tossed Stripe” but I don’t know what that means so I renamed it “mixed stripe” for the sake of this post since it’s a mixture of horizontal and vertical stripes.

Mixed Stripe Top 1
Mixed Stripe Top 2
Mixed Stripe Top 3
Mixed Stripe Top 4
Mixed Stripe Top 7
Mixed Stripe Top 8
Mixed Stripe Top 5
Mixed Stripe Top
Mixed Stripe Top 6

Top: Lucky Brand via Nordstrom Rack | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: DSW | Watch: Fossil

The mixture of vertical and horizontal stripes makes the top more interesting and different than your average striped shirt. As mentioned above, I like that the stripes are not completely solid because it gives the look a softer, less bold look. Keeping with the softer look, I think pairing this top with the khaki green pants was a good choice whereas if I had worn black pants it might be too severe/harsh of a look.

That does it for me today. Enjoy your Thursday!

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