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Fuzzy Lace-Up Sweater

You’ve probably noticed that lace-up tops have been really trendy in the past year. It’s a trend that I like, especially when it’s a lace-up sweater. I got this sweater from Express back in the fall and it is so soft and fuzzy. It feels so incredibly soft to the touch that I could rub my arms/sleeves all day long and be happy – it’s that soft.


Sweater: Express | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Tank Top: LOFT

The base of this sweater is black, but the fuzzy strands are blue/grey, which gives the sweater a lot of dimension and makes it stand out. I decided to wear a floral tank top underneath the sweater  because I wanted to wear a print, but this would look great with a nice bold, solid colored tank top as well.

As mentioned above, this sweater is so cozy and soft I want to just wear it all the time! As a sort of side note,  for any of you who are Express shoppers, have you noticed that in the past year or so the company has really shifted their style? I used to shop there all the time, but now I find that I only find one or two pieces I like every once in a while. I still like the brand and plan to continue to browse and shop there but I have noticed a definite change in their line. It’s so much skin now! Seriously, I would say more than half of their items have the smallest amount of material possible – and I’m talking about winter pieces as well. Some of it’s cute and some of it is a bit too much for me (or too little if we’re talking about coverage!) for a look that isn’t for some night out on the town.

Luckily, they still have some great pieces like this fuzzy lace-up sweater!

As another side note: I recently placed an order on the website and had issues using a promo code. Shoutout to the awesome customer service agent, Rebecca, for helping me out and making sure I got my discount!

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