Tame Winter with SOREL

Tame Winter with SOREL: Contest Entry


It looks like winter is beginning to wind down, but as mentioned yesterday I’ll take advantage of the season for as long as possible. With that being said, I wanted to do one last winter outwear look this season which might interest you if you live in an area that is still super cold and snowy or if you’ll be vacationing somewhere cold and snowy soon. Or if you just like looking at outwear fashion.
I love these Sorel Tofino II Boots with the light grey color, purple laces, faux fur trim, and black rubber upper. These boots are also fleece lined so you know they’ll be warm and comfy! The boots are reasonably priced at $170 in comparison to the black parka from the brand. This black parka, which looks so stylish and features sleek rugged metal and leather trim, is $950. A little too expensive for me, but I do love the form fitting silhouette of the coat.
Is it still full-on winter where you are?

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