• Blue Stripes + Eyelet Trim
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    Blue Stripes + Eyelet Trim

    Guys, I’m officially on the eyelet bandwagon this summer and if I wasn’t watching my pennies this month since I have so many new-home expenses I would be buying as many eyelet things as I could get my hands on. Luckily, I bought this top earlier in the spring with the foresight that I needed some eyelet in my life. This blue and white striped top has a draped, lace-up detail in the back and eyelet trim on the sleeves and hem. I love it! Top: Red Dress Boutique | Jeans: Express | Sandals: Target | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs This top is just so pretty! I love the…

  • Chenille Lace-Up Sleeves
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    Chenille Lace-Up Sleeves

    I recently wrote about my cozy mock neck chenille sweater and I’m back to share another chenille find with you. This one isn’t as warm since it has lace-up sleeves, but it’s still so soft and cozy as you’d expect with chenille. Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Leggings: J.Crew | Shoes: Express The lace-up sleeves is such a fun detail and I love how they made the ribbon the same color as the sweater to blend in. The sweater has a hi-lo hem and is a pretty purple grey – a great transition color in to spring. I wore the sweater with black leggings and flats for a…

  • Multicolor Striped Lace-Up
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    Striped Lace-Up Raglan Sweater

    Most of the snow has melted now and this week looks to be more mild in temperatures, so maybe spring weather is around the corner! But I did wear this sweater and take these photos during one of our snow storms this month, hence me standing in inches of snow. I love that the stripes in this raglan sweater are multicolored – it makes the sweater so much more fun in my opinion. This is a raglan sweater and if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry – I didn’t either. Raglan sweaters are when sleeves continue up to the neck of the garment in one piece, therefore there…

  • Pink pompom blanket + heart mug
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    Cold Weather Coziness

    How was your weekend? I’m sure you wish it would last longer as I always do. My weekend was pretty low key, which was okay with me since I’ve been running on fumes lately. Friday in to Saturday we had some pretty crazy weather especially the very high winds, so I mostly just stayed in to hide from that. Seeing as that’s how most of my weekend was spent, I thought it was the perfect day to share a cozy post and a little funny story. In the winter, I love to wear cozy clothes at home and if I’m on the couch, I will have a blanket on me…

  • Ribbed Lace-Up Crop Sweater
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    Ribbed Lace-Up Crop Sweater

    I’ve been on summer break for exactly a week today and I’m already starting to lose track of the days. I pretty much have been keeping track of what day it is based on what my plans are because I’ve had my days pretty planned out for last week and this week. It’s the Type A in me. Okay, so today is Tuesday and I’m talking about this ribbed lace-up crop sweater I got from Express last year. This sweater is tricky in terms of figuring out when to wear it. Let me explain. Back in the winter, I was thinking in my head of what to wear and I thought…

  • Love Lace-Up
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    Love Lace-Up

    Yesterday was rainy all day long. At times it was coming down really hard. Hard enough that I could hardly even see the lanes on the highway! So I’m looking back at some better weather from a few weeks ago with the look I’m sharing with you today. I love the lace-up style so it’s pretty fitting that this short sleeve, hooded lace-up sweat top says “Love” on it. This is a great casual top for just hanging out. Top: New York & Company | Pants: LOFT | Sandals: Target I paired this lace-up sweat top with black jeans to give it a sleeker casual look. The turquoise flip flops…

  • fuzzy-lace-up-sweater
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    Fuzzy Lace-Up Sweater

    You’ve probably noticed that lace-up tops have been really trendy in the past year. It’s a trend that I like, especially when it’s a lace-up sweater. I got this sweater from Express back in the fall and it is so soft and fuzzy. It feels so incredibly soft to the touch that I could rub my arms/sleeves all day long and be happy – it’s that soft. Sweater: Express | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Tank Top: LOFT The base of this sweater is black, but the fuzzy strands are blue/grey, which gives the sweater a lot of dimension and makes it stand out. I decided to wear a floral tank top underneath the sweater…

  • american eagle lace-up-tee
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    Lace-Up Tee

    This summer saw a huge upswing in the lace-up top trend. You could not escape it. I wanted to get one that wasn’t too low cut but still cute. So when I got a coupon for American Eagle and saw this top, it was just what I was looking for. Top: American Eagle | Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Flip Flops – SO via Kohl’s I wasn’t really sure how to tie the laces because there were no ends. It’s all one big string and you have to tie it or else you’ll look silly with all the excess string. So I just made two bunches like I was tying shoelaces…