Ribbed Lace-Up Crop Sweater
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Ribbed Lace-Up Crop Sweater

I’ve been on summer break for exactly a week today and I’m already starting to lose track of the days. I pretty much have been keeping track of what day it is based on what my plans are because I’ve had my days pretty planned out for last week and this week. It’s the Type A in me.

Okay, so today is Tuesday and I’m talking about this ribbed lace-up crop sweater I got from Express last year. This sweater is tricky in terms of figuring out when to wear it. Let me explain. Back in the winter, I was thinking in my head of what to wear and I thought I could finally wear this ribbed lace-up sweater I had gotten from Express in the fall. When I took it out, I forgot that the sleeves are actually short so it wasn’t warm enough to wear; I’d have to wait until the weather warmed up. Then, as usual, the weather in New Jersey went from winter coat weather to shorts weather overnight. We tend to skip spring for a few days of a heat wave and then it goes back to mild spring weather, then hot, cold, etc. til we get back to summer weather. In any case, it turned hot in the blink of an eye and it seemed like I had missed my chance to wear this top because now a ribbed sweater no matter the sleeve length was just out of the question. Luckily, the weather turned rainy and cooled down earlier this month so I got to wear this piece out to dinner one night.

Lace-Up Crop Sweater
Lace-Up Crop Sweater 1
Lace-Up Crop Sweater 2
Lace-Up Crop Sweater 3
Lace-Up Crop Sweater 4
Lace-Up Crop Sweater 5

Sweater: Express | Tank Top: LOFT | Pants: Uniqlo

This red ribbed sweater is cropped and has lace-up detailing on the two sides. It’s fun with the large laces, but still sophisticated with the ribbed detailing and high neckline. I wore a floral tank top underneath with pops of red and pink which I thought would be a nice pairing for the red sweater. Coincidentally, this is the same tank top I wore with my fuzzy lace-up sweater (also from Express) that I wore in a previous post (here). I guess this tank top is just made for lace-ups!

I’m glad I finally got the chance to wear this top!

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