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Love Lace-Up

Yesterday was rainy all day long. At times it was coming down really hard. Hard enough that I could hardly even see the lanes on the highway! So I’m looking back at some better weather from a few weeks ago with the look I’m sharing with you today.

I love the lace-up style so it’s pretty fitting that this short sleeve, hooded lace-up sweat top says “Love” on it. This is a great casual top for just hanging out.

Love Lace-Up
Love Lace-Up 6
Love Lace-Up 4
Love Lace-Up 3
Love Lace-Up 1
Love Lace-Up 2
Love Lace-Up 5

Top: New York & Company | Pants: LOFT | Sandals: Target

I paired this lace-up sweat top with black jeans to give it a sleeker casual look. The turquoise flip flops were a nice springy pop of color against the grey and black.

I picked this top up back in March when in the mall. I was walking past New York & Company and a dress in the window caught my eye so I made a bee-line straight into the store. Lo and behold I’m met with a sign saying everything was 50% off! Needless to say I picked up a few more things that will definitely make their way on here!

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