Aster Market Unboxing: December 2016

As mentioned in last month’s unboxing post, I was really looking forward to the December Aster Market box because last December’s was my favorite. This box is bittersweet because I had been looking forward to it (and it did not disappoint) but it is the last subscription box from the company! They have decided to not continue with monthly subscription boxes but will still be selling pre-curated boxes as well as allowing customers to put together their own boxes. So I won’t have these monthly unboxing posts anymore but I do see myself treating myself to a curated box every once in a while so Aster Market won’t be completely gone from my blog!


In this month’s box I received:

  • Gift Tags from Fine Day Press – These gift tags are super cute and hand painted!
  • Hot Chocolate Mix from Whimsy & Spice – The hot chocolate mix is made from hand grated Valrhona chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and sea salt. Sounds delicious!
  • Scandi Scarf from Up North Market. This black & white knit scarf looks incredibly cozy and high quality. Expect some looks with it in the future!


What a great last box of the year from Aster Market!

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