• Foyer - Stairs Update

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    Foyer/Stairs Update

    So remember yesterday when I said I was hoping to wake up feeling much better and wouldn’t have to go to the doctor? Well, I had to go to the doctor and it turns out I have the flu! While it sucks, I’m feeling kind of lucky (so far) because I know a lot of people who get the flu and are absolutely miserable for days and get very very sick. I have been feeling pretty normal aside from the fever and sore throat. Of course, when I went to the doctor yesterday morning my fever was gone and my temperature was the lowest it’s been in days. Isn’t that…

  • Cape May Lighthouse Stairs

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    Photo Challenge: Ascend

    Happy Friday! And a happy Friday it is as it’s my first day of winter break and the start of Christmas weekend. My blog has been filled with holiday photos this week and will continue next week, but my photo challenge response today isn’t very holiday-y. The challenge was “Ascend” and I’m using a photo I took two years ago at the Cape May Lighthouse. This photo is looking up at at the staircase when I was about halfway up. The tall spiral staircase was really tiring and my thighs were definitely burning by the time I got to the top. The views from the top of the lighthouse were…

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    Photo Challenge: Angular

    For the latest photo challenge from The Daily Post, I really couldn’t think of anything good. The challenge is “Angular”  and I had no ideas! So the best I could come up with were these stairs in my house. We have been doing some remodeling and these are our new stairs. They used to be carpeted and wood color bannister and posts. Now the posts are white, the bannisters are stained mahogany and the stairs are oak with a mahogany stain as well. It’s not the most creative interpretation of angular, but I like showing off the new stairs and the perpendicular lines of the posts meeting the steps is a nice view.