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Tips To Make Your Out Of Town Guests Feel Welcomed

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Having out of town guests in your new home can be such an exciting time. Whether your guests are spending the night or just stopping by for one of your amazing dinner meals, there are certain things that you can to make your visitors feel extra  welcome within your home. Unsure where to start? I’ve got a few tips that you can even do in the next few minutes! 


  1. Space – When you have overnight guests stay over you, the last thing you’ll want to do is make sure that they stick to a schedule. Although some couples enjoy getting up early, having coffee and starting their day relaxing, some may just appreciate having the alone time they crave to take in your small hometown or larger city. Some even just want peace and quiet within your home. Make sure to give the space they desire and by doing so, this makes it more comforting to them. As we turn to fall soon, make sure to have room for them to put their coats and shoes upon arrival. If your guests are spending the night, you obviously want a place for them to open their suitcase, and put their toiletries as well. Having their own space will make them feel apart of your home and hopefully, want future dates to come again.

  2. Stock Up – Of course you aren’t expected to purchase your guests favorite foods but it is nice to add little touches and stock up on a few things you know they appreciate and love to eat. Some things like their favorite yogurt for breakfast or a few simple snacks can go a long way to your out of town guests. Do this ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need ( even ask if they have any allergies so you can prepare meals or take items away if they have one ). You don’t want to spend a night at the emergency room is this can be avoided ahead of time.

  3. DeClutter / Clean Rooms – Haven’t used your guest bedroom in a while? That was a mistake we had when we were having family come stay with us for a few days. Our guest room had suddenly become the storage room would be an awful thing for them to see when they visited! Make sure to declutter the rooms, give it a fresh simple makeover and add a few cute touches like fresh flowers, a cozy robe and slippers for them to use. 

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Image: Premier Surfaces

4. Wipe Down Counters/Bathroom Sinks – Is there anything worse than getting settled in for the night only to walk into your kitchen or bathroom and realize the crumbs or left over toothpaste that was left by others before you? Make sure to wipe down your counters and vanity before your guests come for a fresh look! We recently switched our countertops to one of my favorites; cambria countertops. There are actually several Cambria Countertop Option colors to choose from and we found them at all a local Premier Surfaces showroom. Did you know that cambria actually has a total palette of more than 145 different designs across nine collections? They are all offered in a high gloss finish or matte depending on your preference and unlike other quartz products, this is stain and scratch resistant which makes it perfect for our growing family and out of town guests that come in and out of our home so often! The friendly staffed offered us so many amazing choices not only with cambria but also other granite stones, wood, laminate and more as well as helped us answer any questions or concerns we had with installation and payments. 

5. Offer A Drink – Once your guests are settled and unpacked, one of the first questions you’ll want to ask if they would like a drink. The list can include several options such as sparkling water, iced water, wine, beer or cocktails. If you just built your home and they have never been to your home before, grab a drink and then start a small house tour if they want one! They’ll love the personal touches you’re offering! 


Now that I’ve shared a few tips to make your out of guests feel welcome, is there anything else that you can do? What about sharing a WiFi password or a car service if they have an early flight to the airport in the morning? These little things go a long way with your friends, family or neighbors to show that you care, want to make their stay more memorable and offer a comforting place for them to visit. 

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