Book Review: Bad Girl Reputation

A few weeks ago I posted my review for Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy. That was the first book in the Avalon Bay series. Last week I read the second book in the series, Bad Girl Reputation, and loved it!

This is a second chance romance and follows Evan and Genevieve. We met Evan in Girl Girl Complex as Cooper’s twin brother who wasn’t Mac’s biggest fan at first. And we also learned in that book that his childhood friend/on-off girlfriend for years left town the year before and he hasn’t heard from her since then. When Bad Girl Reputation begins, Gen is back in town for her mother’s funeral. We learn immediately that she was not close with her mother and all but one of her 5 brothers weren’t either. Her dad asks her to stay a while to help out with the family business because her mother was the office manager and since she got sick things have been unorganized and a mess. She stays to help out her family, even though she knows staying in Avalon Bay means she is definitely going to see Evan Hartley and her mission since she left town last year was to turn over a new leaf and shed her bad girl reputation. She thinks Evan will only lead her back to her old ways since the two of them used to wreak havoc on the town together. For Evan’s part, he has never stopped loving Gen and does not know how to be happy and move on with his life without her. He’ll do anything to show her that he can be good and mature. Can Gen stay away from Evan? Can they be together without going back to their old trouble making ways?

I loved the book and both Evan and Gen were great characters! Their long history together and how well they understand each other is such a great part of the story. They both have complicated parent issues and know each other so well. It was a great second chance romance and showed real growth from both characters without them losing themselves.

I did love Good Girl Complex a little more. I was just more invested in Cooper and Mac, but this one was still really good. The next book The Summer Girl comes out soon and it follows Tate – one of the guy’s in the friend group. Side note: I’d love some books about Gen’s brothers!

Read this if you want a spicy summer, second chance romance, with the childhood friends to lovers trope.

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