Lace Trimmed High Collar
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Lace Trim + High Collar

The high-collared trend has been around for a little while now and while I love the look of it, I wasn’t sure how I would like it on myself. I’m weird about things touching my neck. It’s why I’m not a big fan of turtlenecks – they just seem so confining around my neck. Same with chokers. I love the look of chokers, but just imagining the necklace flush against my neck instinctively makes me reach for my throat.

Fortunately, I can deal with the high collar look and it doesn’t bother me. What drew me to this high-collared blouse in the first place is the lace trim. I love the sheer blouse – perfect for the warm weather – and the lace trim around the collar and the vertical lace strips.

Lace Trimmed High Collar
Lace Trimmed High Collar 1
Lace Trimmed High Collar 2
Lace Trimmed High Collar 3
Lace Trimmed High Collar 4
Blouse: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Pants: LOFT | Watch: Michael Kors

The lace accents are everything in this blouse. I really love the look of the lace collar especially since it is a high collar. It adds an air of sophistication to the look, don’t you think. The color is so soft and pretty too. It’s called “Hushed Violet”, which just sounds dreamy.

What are your thoughts on high collars?

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