Neapolitan Style Pizza

Neapolitan Style Pizza

It’s not a secret that I love food and pizza is one of the foods I love. With the rising popularity of restaurants that allow you to build your own pizza, Neapolitan style is something to consider. Today, I have a different kind of post for you. Restaurant, Pizza90, will be contributing to the post today to share why Neopolitan Style Pizza is worth trying. Without further ado…

Neapolitan Style Pizza

5 Reasons You Need to Try Neapolitan Style Pizza

It’s more than the average pizza pie

You have a party, a craving, or maybe a family evening awaiting – it’s time for pizza. But why not go to your local chain? Why go for something new and unique?

Why not go for Neapolitan style pizza? A catching trend and a favorite for many, this type of pizza is worth taking your chances on; and after a taste, you’ll be hooked. You may think it’s a little pricy or you may even think it’s not worth your time to track down, but that’s where you’d be wrong. This style of pizza will not only hook you, but it’ll have you recommending it to others.

Not convinced? Where’s why it’ll be your first choice:

  1. Authentic Taste

Let’s not kid ourselves; when it comes to getting pizza, we’re all tempted to buy our local pizzeria’s box and take it home for a quick fix of dough and tomato sauce; but here’s where the plot twist comes. Neapolitan style pizza offers you a taste of Italy, which stands as not only the birthplace of pizza but still one of the most beloved places on the planet for getting an authentic taste of “pizza pie.” If you’re looking to get the same sample without the expensive plane ticket, a Neapolitan slice can get you as close as you can, while still staying at home – letting you get culture and extreme flavor in a bite.

  1. Richer Ingredients

Neapolitan style pizza prides itself on being a taste of Italy, the way it was originally meant to be tasted, and that means the ingredients you’re tasting have a higher taste of quality. Instead of having some greasy cheese and older tomatoes, this style of pizza is made with fresher quality ingredients and even imported toppings to ensure you have the most unique and satisfying experience. There’s a reason why this style of pizza is seen as a little pricy; it’s because you’re getting your money’s worth in the style of freshness, authenticity, and quality. Looking for a strong and savory taste? Here it is in a single dish.

  1. Healthier Choice

When you order a pizza, whether you’re admitting it or not, you’re going for the easiest choice, not the healthiest. Honestly, the greasy cheese and the tasty toppings are almost too much to resist. Why not have the best of both? Get that lovely pizza taste with some healthy ingredients by trying out a Neapolitan pizza; this selection is known for its high quality ingredients, ranging from its fresh mozzarella to its authentic Italian tomatoes to ensure you’re only tasting the best and the freshest. Who says that your pizza party can’t be a healthy one? You can almost add this one to your diet.

  1. More Diversity

While going for authenticity, Neapolitan pizza offers something the local chains can’t; diversity. Sure, you can get your pineapple and sausage from your local choice, but the style of pizza offers a more authentic and unusual range of toppings. Try a little bit of peppers on your own slice, or maybe a bit of sour dough instead of the unusual kind to add flare. If you’re looking to have something right out of an authentic pizza pie, you can request something right out of the heart of Italy and receive it on a single plate – including a range of cheeses and baking styles for the dough. Don’t settle for less; this style gives you a foreign experience at home.

  1. More Than Your Average Take-out

And let’s not stop with the pizza itself; often times the restaurant offers a little more of a taste of Italy than you’ll find anywhere else. Why settle for a standard pizzeria when you can enter a Neapolitan pizza shop and see the unique flare of their seating, their walls, and their cooking styles. More often than not, these places allow you to see how the pizzas are made first-hand, allowing you a taste of culture with your taste of pizza with no extra cost.


Neapolitan style pizza is more than just pizza. You can get “pizza” anywhere, but this type offers you something a little more in the way of flavor, health, and culture like you won’t find at your local pizzeria. Rather than accepting a greasy but fast alternative, or one you can throw in your oven, stop by a local restaurant and enjoy the finer things of life with a slice of culture and freshness in a bite.


Thanks to Pizza90 for contributing to the blog and sharing reasons why we should try Neapolitan Style Pizza. 


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