String Bean & Beet Salad

String Bean & Beet Salad

I think I’ve mentioned it on here before but I love beets and I haven’t always loved them. In fact, for a long time IΒ wanted to like them and just didn’t. I’d see them at places like buffets and always think to myself – they look good I wish I liked them. I’d always try them again just in case my taste buds changed and I just couldn’t get in to them. Then suddenly a few years ago I tried them again in a salad and there was no turning back. I mostly eat them in salads or sometimes alone with just some feta. For today’s post I’m sharing a really easy way to eat them with string beans, feta, and toasted walnuts.

This is seriously the easiest recipe ever. All you need to do is cook your string beans. I like mine to still have crunch to them so I don’t cook them for long. Then, I toast my walnuts for a little bit. Just enough to warm them – you don’t want them to burn and turn bitter. While all this is going, you should cook your beets if you are cooking them yourself and not being pre-cooked ones. They take a while to cook and then you have to peel them. The process is pretty cool even though you might burn your fingers doing it! I like to make my beets a little ahead of time so that they can cool.

Simply put together your string beans, cut up beets, feta, and walnuts and mix with a light dressing. I used an italian vinaigrette for this. So easy and delicious!

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