Book Review: The Long Game

Last week I read Elena Armas’ latest novel, The Long Game. I loved it, but definitely loved the second half more than the first.

There was nothing wrong with the first half, I just didn’t get super hooked or love the fmc until halfway through.

The novel follows Adalyn Reyes and Cameron Caldani. Adalyn is a soccer executive for a professional soccer team in Miami. And her father happens to own the team. When something in her personal life makes her snap one day, she takes her frustration out on the team mascot and it got recorded on someone’s cell phone. The video ends up going viral and she becomes a PR “problem” for the team. Her father sends her to a small rural town in North Carolina to work on a side project. That project ends up being managing a youth girls soccer team.

The team already has a coach so she doesn’t have to worry about that. And the coach is none other than Cameron Caldani, a famous retired soccer player, who has made Green Oak his home for now because he likes the anonymity it provides.

Upon first meeting, Cameron thinks Adalyn is going to be a pain and he’d rather she go back home. Adalyn is adamant to make this a winning team and make this 7-9 year old girls play to the best of their ability. They butt heads even though they are both attracted to each other. After spending more time together in the small town and in their neighboring rentals sparks really start flying.

As I mentioned earlier, I though the first half was okay and I didn’t love Adalyn that much, but once I hit the halfway mark, Adalyn had grown on me and I really loved her and Connor together. They were both what the other needed. Cameron needed to learn to open up again and trust people. And Adalyn needed to have someone have her back and to have someone love her unconditionally.

I loved Cameron so much and by the end I loved Adalyn too. Cameron is such a good character and the perfect book boyfriend. He really took care of Adalyn and although she’s a strong, independent woman, and he knew that he knew she also has never had anyone want to care for her and do things for her. He wanted to do things for her to show his love and to help her understand that just because you can do things on your own all the time doesn’t mean you have to.

Overall I loved the book and I can’t wait for Elena Armas’ next book in this world – a spinoff also set in Greek Oak and follows Josie and Matthew – characters from The Long Game.

Read this if you want a spicy, small town, workplace romcom.

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