Books that Make Me Cry Part 4

Do you like books that will make you tear up, cry, or sob? Or do you avoid them? I don’t avoid them, but sometimes I’ll put off books that I know or feel like will make me cry. I need to be emotionally prepared!

I’ve rounded up some more books that have made me cry since the last time I did this post about 6 months ago.

  • Love & Other Words – There were a lot of instances that made me emotional in this book, but especially when Macy tells Elliot what happened on that fateful night.
  • Archer’s Voice – There were a lot of instances that made me tear up or cry in this book too. Archer went through so much and the flashbacks to when he was younger and getting bullied or the tragedy that happened to him had me sobbing.
  • Meet Me at the Lake – The years apart between Fern and Will aren’t what made me cry in this book. What made me cry was Fern missing her mom who recently passed away.
  • The Summer of Broken Rules – Meredith missing her late sister and thinking back to the last time she spoke to her had me reaching for the tissues.
  • Happy Place – The love Harriet and Wyn have for each other and the hurt they were both feeling had me crying.
  • Fourth Wing – There is a death in the book (no spoilers) that had me sobbing.
  • A Love Letter to Whiskey – This book made me emotional from start to finish. The ultimate right person wrong time book.
  • Hail Mary – The hurt Mary felt when she was a teen had me tearing up.
  • Untying the Knot – The hurt Myla felt when she felt forgotten about/taken for granted by Ryot had me so emotional.

Have you read a book recently that had you crying?

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