The Last 5 Books that Made Me Cry

I’ve said it before, but I don’t often cry reading books. It really depends on the story and my mood probably. There are plenty of books that hit me in the feels, but not a lot that will actually get tears out of my eyes. I wrote a post last summer of some books that make me cry and then again right before the end of 2022.

I’ve rounded up the last 5 books that made me cry for a new post! I’m going to try give a little detail of what made me emotional about each book without spoiling anything.

  • Book Lovers – Nora’s memories of her mom and how difficult things had been. And her relationship with Charlie made me laugh but also made my heart ache at times.
  • Six Crimson Cranes – Shiori’s revelations with her stepmother.
  • Things We Never Got Over – A few things in this book, but especially when Waylay tells everyone in the salon why her hair got cut short.
  • Far Side of the Moon – Frank and Susan’s real life love story that survived through his military and astronaut career was very emotional.
  • All Rhodes Lead Here – A few things in this book as well, but especially towards the end when she talks about her mom.

Have you read any of these books and if you have did any of them make you cry?

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