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Floral Eyelet Button-Down

Before I get in to this top, I just want to preface this post by saying that I never know whether to call it a button-up or button-down. What do you guys call it?

I saw this sweet top at Forever 21 when I was shopping with my cousins in Georgia back in April and I was immediately drawn to it. The delicate eyelet detailing and sweet floral print were the perfect combination for me. It is cropped and has a boxy look to it and although you’d think that would mean it would have an oversized look, I actually sized up 2! I normally wear a small at Forever 21 – sometimes a medium, but this one is a large. If this is a large can you imagine how tiny the small must be?!

I paired the top with denim shorts for these photos and I wore the top to the beach over the weekend and wore it with just my bathing suit underneath and a navy blue skater skirt.

Floral Eyelet Button-DownFloral Eyelet Button-Down 2Floral Eyelet Button-Down 3Floral Eyelet Button-Down 4Floral Eyelet Button-Down 5Floral Eyelet Button-Down 6Floral Eyelet Button-Down 7Floral Eyelet Button-Down 8Floral Eyelet Button-Down 9Floral Eyelet Button-Down 10Floral Eyelet Button-Down 11Floral Eyelet Button-Down 12Floral Eyelet Button-Down 13Floral Eyelet Button-Down 14Floral Eyelet Button-Down 15Floral Eyelet Button-Down 16

Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch | Sandals: Target

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