Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree
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Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all the decorations, music, and cheeriness of the season. Not often am I thinking about the holiday season in August, though! However, back in August I saw an event on Facebook for vintage Christmas trees at a ceramic studio nearby. The first date for the event was already sold out, so I acted quick (even though it was August) and reserved spots for me and a friend for October.

I’m so glad we decided to go because the process was fun and the result was so pretty! I love the look of these old-school, vintage Christmas trees. They’re always advertised as the Christmas decor your grandparents had that you loved. My grandparents didn’t have these ceramic trees, but I love the nostalgic feel of them nonetheless.

We arrived at Fire Me Up! Studio in Cranford, NJ, signed in, and picked a table. The studio is nice and spacious and the staff are all really nice and welcoming. I chose the smaller sized tree – it’s 7 or 9 inches (I don’t remember exactly) and it’s the perfect size. Some people had giant trees!

We picked the color we wanted our trees – I chose a glossy green. The staff told us how to paint the trees or wreaths (some people picked wreaths) and how many coats we’d need etc. The glossy green I used looks pink before it is fired up, so that’s why my tree looks pink/brown below! After all the coats, we had to stick q-tips in the holes of the tree to make sure they didn’t close up. Then, we painted the base – I chose a nice bright red. And that was it! It was fun to chat with my friend and another girl we met there while we painted. We left our trees there with our names so they could be fired up in the kiln and we picked them up a week later. Part of the experience included giving us light kits – tiny colored plastic pieces that look like the bulbs for the tree, a yellow star, and the lightbulb that goes inside to light up the tree. It’s so pretty!

Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree - baseCeramic Vintage Christmas Tree 6Ceramic paintCeramic Vintage Christmas Tree 7Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree 8Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree - lightsCeramic Vintage Christmas TreeCeramic Vintage Christmas Tree 1Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree 2Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree 3Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree 4Ceramic Vintage Christmas Tree 5

The bulb, similar to a nightlight bulb, sits between the tree and the base and the wire comes out the back. I love it!

I definitely want to go back sometime soon for another event and craft/home decor piece!

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