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How To Prevent Your Home From Being a Cliche



Let us preface this article by suggesting that you have the obvious right to decorate your home however you like. However, it can be worthwhile, if you hope to implement your own unique personality onto its four walls, to figure out what that truly means. Preventing your home from being a cliche is far from simply managing your expectations and trying to do the best with what you have. It means taking an intelligent means to its decoration and renovation to help your home stand out among the hundreds on your street. This is quite important to consider, and can help you develop your home with the most joy.

First, we need to start with an example that suggests what a ‘cliche’d’ home actually is. This is important to consider and can have a real impact on that which you decide to do. We’d say that a cliche home is one that simply purchasing all home items from the nearest home furnishings store. You might see the infamous ‘live love laugh’ sign in at least two rooms. This home has nothing to distinguish itself, even if loved by the owner.

You, on the other hands, likely have more refined tastes. It’s those that we hope to encourage with these simple tips:


Find Stores You Love
Of course, the simplest solution to the problem laid out in that introduction is simply to find stores that you love. Emphasis on the plural, suggesting that ‘stores’ not ‘store’ is important. Find brands that you love, try to search their catalog, and only bring something into your home if you feel it would truly fit, or if it matches your tastes. Also, don’t be so quick to bring everything into your home. You don’t need to decorate in the space of a week. Taking your time to find beautiful items, handcrafted items, maybe even collected items can help your home take on that prolonged sense of identity, and maybe even help its character grow alongside you.

When you find a store you love, you can develop a relationship with them. You might even find custom options, or become first choice for beautiful new lines. You might find this store online, in your nearest city, or from a carpenter down your street. What matters is that you love the options presented.


Consider Unique, Large Home Installations
It could be that you’ve decorated the home perfectly to your tastes, and it looks beautiful, unique, themed, and well put together. But something is missing. If you feel like this, it can be worthwhile to implement beautiful installations in your home that you might not have even thought about. For example, considering French and sliding patio door installers to help you implement this option can help you think about the reach into the outside space, and that in itself might be a development opportunity for your household.


Represent Who You Are
If you’re struggling to choose items or an aesthetic to follow, might it be easier to simply represent your family in your home with the truest sense of identity possible? It could be that you have a family photoshoot and have the high-quality photographs framed, perhaps lining the walls of your introduction corridor. It could be that your family paint together, and perhaps even go for an aesthetic motif running throughout parts of the household.

It might be that if you have cultural roots worth celebrating (as we all do,) you might desire to implement some of this aesthetic. It’s easy to think of the wonderful rugs, door beads and beautiful lamp aesthetics of the Caribbean to give your home that deeply comforting feeling. Representing who you are can help you avoid any cliche design decisions. A picture of your parent on your mantelpiece can be much more inspiring and loving than a stock quote crafted by marketers hoping to sell a vast amount of units of a particular type.

This can also help you feel more at home in your four walls, because if the place you hang your hat isn’t for you and your family, then who is it for? This is where the unique implementation might be the most appropriate. When you make one decision in this vein, you’ll find a river of opportunities opening up to you, and it’s unlikely that this won’t help to some degree.


With these tips, preventing your home from being a cliche is more than possible.

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