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    Highlighting Your Home

    Spending money on your home is often an investment well worth undertaking. In general anything you plough into your home adds value almost immediately so if you’re thinking of selling up and moving on, little to large changes can make all the difference. But maybe you’re not in the market for selling and simply want to update your look and make some changes, giving your home a new lease of life. Looking inside is often the easiest place to start. You probably spend most of your time in one room so start right there. Begin with the décor and then turn inwards to your furniture and fittings. How are those…

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    How To Prevent Your Home From Being a Cliche

    Pexels Let us preface this article by suggesting that you have the obvious right to decorate your home however you like. However, it can be worthwhile, if you hope to implement your own unique personality onto its four walls, to figure out what that truly means. Preventing your home from being a cliche is far from simply managing your expectations and trying to do the best with what you have. It means taking an intelligent means to its decoration and renovation to help your home stand out among the hundreds on your street. This is quite important to consider, and can help you develop your home with the most joy.…

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    Cozy Staycation Style

      Cozy Staycation Style by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a red throw blanket If you’re new to my blog (first off, thanks for stopping by!) then you may not know that my full-time day job is teaching. I’m currently on spring break this week – yay! Last year, I went to Disney World, but this year I’m staying home. I did do a little overnight trip yesterday into today, but I stayed in New Jersey so I don’t really count that as “going away”. I’ll be doing a bunch of posts about my overnight trip including some sightseeing, food, and fashion so stay tuned for those in the coming days. ***** Since…