4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Roof

With the weather slowly turning from cold to warm, many of us are daydreaming about how we can enjoy our backyard and spending time gardening or relaxing on the back patio. The one big thing you should worry about is checking on how their home is, specifically the roof. During the cold months, your roof has protected from the harsh snow and needs some major pampering. There are a few spring roof maintenance tips that will not only keep your roof ready for warmer weather but also can prevent some major issues that might happen down the road. 

  1. Make Sure It’s Clean – April showers bring May flowers is how the saying goes but showers aren’t the only thing falling on your roof and entering your gutters. With flowers budding on the ground as well as trees, there are also big heavy rain and wind storms that also can blow everything onto your roof. Clear everything away that obstructs your gutters that is vital to your roof’s health. If your gutters are clogged with items such as petals or hail, it can result in damage that forces water to work it’s way back up onto your roof. Not only can you look at the gutters on your roof but also near your roof. This means looking at the overgrown trees or bushes that also might be crowding the drain of your house. This can also keep the water away from your home both on top as well as the bottom. Look around for mold or algae during your roof inspection,  and call a professional to help make that call.

    Peters’ Roofing 

  2. Have Your Roof Inspected by a Professional – Homeowners should have their roofs inspected at least twice a year- in the fall to check on any heat damage and then also in the spring to look if any winter weather took a toll on your shingles. What types of inspections are they going to look for? They will want to check how your gutters are looking and flowing ( allowing water to pass from the roof to the ground ), any damaged or protruding shingles and if any are loose or need repair.  If you notice any loose roof materials during the inspection yourself, make sure to call a licensed contractor so your roof can get ahead of the damage before any major summer storms wear them down even more then you wanted. If you live in the New Jersey area, you’ll want to call someone who is reliable, trustworthy and able to do the job in a timely fashion. Peter’s Roofing is a business that can help you. These are one of the top roofers in New Jersey that offers various services such as shingle repairment, low slope roofing, peel, and stick or any leaks that might have occurred. They also provide services such as skylight installment, chimney replacement, gutters and siding. Pedro Guman began this business back in 2011 and with over 17 years in the construction industry, his brothers and other related families are there to help meet the expectations with their efficient work and professional expertise. They value their customers and they understand their needs to do the best they can to provide quality and reliable roofing service.

  3. Have Quality Warranty – Look at what is covered and what is not when it comes to your roof. It can help you feel confident when you do need to call in the pros. While some of your roof warranties are ‘lifetime’ some are really only 20 or 30 years. A transferable warranty is one of the best in the business, guaranteed to give you a peace of mind season after season.

  4. It’s Not As Expensive As You Think – Despite what people say to do it yourself to clean your roof, do make sure that you find contracts that are charging a fair price. Typical having your roof cleaned usually can run between $200-$800 and the average is around $500. Considering the importance of this service, plus the amount you’ll end up spending without having it properly inspected, it’s well worth the cost of hiring someone who knows what they are doing if you choose to try and do it on your own. 

While these are a few tips that can help you with some of your roofing problems you want to make sure you do a get a professional to double-check and give their opinion. Also, make sure that your roof is inspected during this time. To get a roof replacement process started, contact the professionals at Peter Roofing to get a free estimate and quote. What are things you can do to start your roof cleaning today? Trim a few tree branches back? Check your gutters? While we’re stuck inside and have the time, do this soon as you can! 

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