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Choosing A New Front Door: 3 Things To Look For

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Along with your roof and windows, the front door is a key factor in exterior home appeal. It can make or break the aesthetic, with old and outdated doors turning your entire house into something that looks ancient. 

At some point, you should upgrade your front door – in fact, it’s the best thing to do the moment you move into a new house. You need to update the locks, so you may as well get a fresh new door while you’re at it. 

As you conduct your search, it’s very important to keep the following three things in mind: 


A front door needs to be durable so it can withstand whatever the weather throws at it. Wind, hail, snow, or excessive sunshine shouldn’t have an impact on your door. As a result, it can last for way longer, making it better value for money. 

At the same time, your door is the first line of defense for your family. If someone tries to break into your house, a strong door will instantly deter them. They’ll be unable to bash it down, giving you more than enough time to find a safe place while calling the police. The most durable home doors tend to have heavy-duty steel construction, while the least durable are made from old plastic materials. 


This is the only thing to consider that’s entirely down to personal preferences. It’s your front door, so decide how it looks! Will you go for one with a big frosted window on the front, or would you rather have a door with no windows at all? What color will it be? Will it have any decorative hardware attached? 

These questions must be answered before settling on a decision. Our advice is to picture the door on your house and think about how it ties in with the rest of your exterior design. You don’t want a door to completely stand out and look misplaced, but you also don’t want it to blend in. 

Energy Efficiency

Your front door is also responsible for blocking cold air and stopping heat from escaping your home. An inefficient door will cool down your property and put increased demands on the heating system. Your energy bill goes up – as does your carbon footprint. 

It’s noted on the Expo Home Improvement website that some doors are equipped with insulating features. You want a door like this as it stops your home from leaking heat during the colder months. It’s also critical to have a door that sits flush in the frame and doesn’t have gaps around it. If you’ve got a very old door, you’ll probably notice a draft drifting through, which shows it’s starting to wear and will need replacing. 

Aside from your budget, this is all you need to think about when buying a new front door. It’s a big decision as this is basically the face of your house. Don’t rush into the purchase and get as many options as possible from different providers before settling on your favourite one. 

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