• Calm AF Kit

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    Calm AF Kit

    I’ve always had some anxiety on some level over the years, but with the pandemic, it is at a whole other level and I think a lot of you can probably relate. As luck would have it, My Little Magic Shop reached out to me and asked if I would like their Calm AF Kit during this stressful time. Of course, I said yes! The Calm AF kit comes with: A Larvikite Bracelet which is a grounding and protective stone. It brings you calming energy, bouncing negative energy off you, and you can charge it with intention. A Palo Santo Stick which has magical cleansing properties. It brings positive energy…

  • Structured Canvas Crossbody Bag

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    Structured Canvas Crossbody Bag

    When I saw this structured canvas crossbody bag and it’s insanely affordable price, I ordered it right away. It’s the perfect light colored bag for spring and summer. When we can actually go somewhere that requires a bag! I love the size of this one and the beige canvas and tan/cognac trim. You can hold it by the hand with the top handle or attach the shoulder strap to make it a shoulder bag or crossbody bag. Bag: Vici | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW (here) I wore the bag with a multicolored striped long sleeve tee, jeans, and…

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    Moving Tips

    It wasn’t exactly planned, but I moved twice in two years. I know. It’s a lot. And if you’ve moved before I’m sure you can agree that moving is a pain in the butt. When you first think about moving, there’s so much you forget about or don’t consider. Your first thought about the actual moving process is probably that you need to pack up all of your stuff. No big deal. But you might not consider just how many boxes you’ll need and what’s the best way to organize your things? And how much bubble wrap do you need for fragile things? There’s so much to think about! So…

  • Baked by Melissa

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    Baked by Melissa Delivery

    Have you ever had the little tiny cupcakes from Baked by Melissa? They make all different kinds of little tiny cupcakes that are literally like bite size pieces of heaven. I first went to the shop and tried their cupcakes years ago – I believe shortly after college and that’s a while ago. I think my friend told me about them because she had heard of the shop and so one day when we were in the city (New York City) we went. Anyway, I remember them being so delicious and Tie Dye being my favorite – still is! Since that day that I first tried them, multiple locations have…

  • Flowering Tree Lined Street


    #fbf Flowering Tree Lined Street

    We made it through another work from home week! How are you all doing? One of the things keeping me sane since I can’t go anywhere is going for walks when the weather is cooperating. I see people out on most days, walking or biking, when I go out but everyone keeps a really good distance from each other and people occasionally wave or say hi. One of the streets in my town is lined with flowering trees and when I was walking by early in the month I saw that the trees had started to bloom. I had to stop and take a photo because I thought it was…

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    Baby Boutique Gift Ideas

    Before you get any ideas, no, I’m not expecting a baby anytime soon! But I have quite a few friends with kids and I love looking at all the cute baby clothes when I buy them gifts. There are so many adorable outfits out there and seriously some things that I’m like “Um, I wish that came in my size!” I find myself buying baby gifts a lot. Whether it’s a friend having a baby, a holiday gift, birthday gift, or just because. I feel like I’m buying baby clothes all the time. One of the things I always consider when I’m buying clothing items for my baby friends is…

  • Clear Frame Blue Light Glasses

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    March 2020 Favorites

    It’s weird to talk about what I loved this month when this month has been the absolute worst. It’s like every month of 2020 is competing to be the worst. I’m thankful that I’m still healthy as are my friends and family (knock on wood) but we can all agree it’s a very weird, isolating, scary time right now. We’re all stuck inside our homes and only going out for necessities. I spend my days working from home – teaching virtually through Zoom – and if it’s a nice day I’ll go for a walk to get some fresh air and exercise after my work day. Unsurprisingly I only have…

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    My Work from Home Routine

    Today is Day 3 of working from home/teaching remotely. While the past two days have gone pretty well so far, I honestly don’t know how many more weeks I can last without actually seeing people for an extended period of time. I know a lot of people who already work from home are giving tips to people on what works for them, etc. And I think that’s awesome that they have experience and knowledge that can help others. But, I think it’s also different. If you worked from home before this pandemic, it’s a different ballgame than working from home amidst a pandemic. You could’ve still hung out with friends…

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    Organize Your Morning, Organize Your Life

    Pexels – CC0 License While our entire day is important to get right and manage well, the morning truly has potential quite unlike any other time over any 24 hour period. Why is this? Well, not only is that when the majority of us wake up and begin our daily schedules, but most of the world around us does, as well. There’s nothing quite like waking up on a summer morning and gazing out over the clouds as we enjoy our morning coffee and breathe in some fresh air. Yet the morning is an amazing place in which to start our day with care and attention, and appropriately using it…

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    Wattpad Book: My Life Plan…Undone

    Sharing a little bit of a life update with you guys this afternoon! If you follow me on here and/or social media regularly then you probably already know, but if you don’t, then I’m here to tell you that I’m writing a book on Wattpad! If you don’t know what Wattpad is, it’s a website and app that is filled with books and short stories. You can read and/or write on there. The stories have a wide range such as coming-of-age-novels, love, romance novel type books, supernatural, fan fiction, etc. I first heard of Wattpad a few years ago. Some of my students told me they were reading stories on…