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Last month I saw bookstagrammer @savs.books post about a book challenge where you give book recommendations for tropes based on the letters in your name. I thought it looked so fun. I took some time to think about what what tropes to use for each letter of my name and recommendations. I got a little creative for the letters with rewording some things, but it works.

J – Just one bed (a play on the only one bed trope) – The Spanish Love Deception

A – Athlete romance (a play on the sports romance trope) – The Deal

M – Mafia romance – The Sweetest Oblivion

I – It’s always been you – People We Meet on Vacation

E – Enemies to Lovers – Heir of Fire

For a little context:

In The Spanish Love Deception, Lina and Aaron are staying at a small apartment her parents have for guests while they are in town for her sister’s wedding. It is 2 bedrooms, but her cousin is staying in the other room and since they are supposedly a couple, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to stay in one room with the one bed.

The Deal is a college sports romance focusing on hockey. Hannah and Garrett are a fav book couple of mine now!

The Sweetest Oblivion is a mafia romance that had me hooked. Nicolas Russo is set to marry Adriana Abelli to join their families together. However, he can’t stop thinking about Adriana’s sister, Elena. And Elena can’t stop thinking about him either even though they drive each other crazy. Then, something happens that ends the engagement between Nico and Adriana.

People We Meet on Vacation focuses on Poppy and Alex who met in college and had been best friends for 10 years. They would vacation together every summer, until 2 summers ago when something happened and they hardly spoke after that. When Poppy realizes the last time she was really happy was on vacation with Alex, she plans a trip and hopes she can fix things with him.

There are a lot of books that could be used for enemies to lovers, a trope I love. I chose Heir of Fire from the Throne of Glass series. It is when we first meet Rowan and at first he and Aelin really cannot stand each other. Rowan is annoyed that he has to train her and she’s annoyed with his attitude. But they go through a lot together in this book and form an unbreakable bond.

This was a fun challenge to do! I’ll try to find some more to do in the future!

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