Book Review: The Wrong Brother

A week or two ago I saw author Monica Murphy post on Instagram that her novella, The Wrong Brother was free to read via her website. I read A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime earlier this year so when I saw that The Wrong Brother was about Crew’s eldest brother, Grant, and how he met his girlfriend, Alyssa, I had to read it!

Grant is the eldest Lancaster “kid” and is partners with his brother Finn in their real estate business. One night he gets in late and finds a woman asleep in his bed. He ends up hooking up with the woman and finds that it is Alyssa, his brother’s assistant. Grant has no desire for a girlfriend or relationship, but now he can’t get Alyssa off his mind. Alyssa can’t explain it but Grant’s arrogance and grumpiness is so alluring to her.

The novella is a really fast read and is full of spice, so it’s just a fun time. I loved seeing how Grant and Alyssa got together. I do need to read the rest of the Lancaster series and plan to get to them at some point this year!

The novella is still free to read using the link on Monica Murpy’s Instagram page!

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