Book Review: Tune in Tomorrow

Tune in Tomorrow by Randee Dawn is a new book that comes out in 2 days on August 23. It is such a fun and entertaining read. You might be able to tell if you look at the full name of the book which is Tune in Tomorrow: The Curious, Calamitous, Cockamamie Story of Starr Weatherby And The Greatest Mythic Reality Show Ever.

After reading a few more emotionally heavy, action packed, serious books lately, Tune in Tomorrow, was just what I needed! The novel follows Starr Weatherby, an aspiring and struggling actress. Finally sick of her job as a waitress at a diner, a strange customer tells her he can help her out and give her her big break. She decides to take him up on his offer and is told to be at a certain meeting point near the Verrazano Bridge at a very specific time and a gate will open. Unsure of this whole situation because it sounds utterly crazy, Starr goes just to see what would happen. Once she goes through the gate she is taken to to the other side of “the veil” where all the mythics live. We’re not talking about your regular fantasy books where there are fae or vampires with kingdoms etc. battling for power. In Tune in Tomorrow all the mythical creatures you’ve ever heard about live behind the veil like centaurs, unicorns, satyrs, dragons, etc. and watch tv just like us.

Starr is hired to be an actress on Tune in Tomorrow – a “reality show” about humans that the mythics love. But it’s not really a reality show because it’s all scripted and the scenarios and storylines are so outlandish. It’s really like a soap opera! The cast are all human, some of whom look 30 but are really in their 80s or 90s because once you win your first tv award on this side of the veil, you win the ability to not age. Starr quickly becomes a fan favorite and gets along with just about everyone, except for the star of the show and longest running cast member (she’s been on the show for almost 100 years), Fiona. Fiona is threatened by Starr’s popularity and if you’ve ever watched a soap opera in real life you know Fiona is going to do anything she can to get rid of Starr.

The novel is fun, whimsical, offers mystery and sabotage, and a love triangle too!

*This book was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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