• Tie Dye Dress to Top

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    Restyled: Tie Dye Dress to Top

    Usually when I share a restyling on here, it’s something simple like pairing a top with a different bottom or wearing a particular pair of shorts with a bodysuit instead of a tee. But today I’m restyling a tie dye dress and wearing it as a top! I got this tie dye dress last summer and wore it in this blog post (here). I thought it would be a great tie dye top so I tied it up with a hair tie and wore it with dark grey shorts over the weekend! Dress/Top: Amazon (here) | Shorts: Kohl’s (here) | Ring: Etsy (here) It totally passes as a top, don’t…

  • Navy Blue Botanical Maxi Dress

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    Navy Botanical Maxi Dress

    I went out to dinner last night for the first time since March! Outdoor dining started back up here in NJ about a month ago, but I haven’t gone out except for takeout and grabbing coffee etc. This is the first time I actually went to a restaurant, ordered, and ate there. Everything seemed really safe and I didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything so it was nice to get out. I loved that the restaurant gave QR codes for diners to access the menu on their phones so you didn’t have to touch any menus or anything. All the tables were spaced far apart, etc. Anyway, onto this maxi dress…

  • Trapeze


    Book Review: Trapeze

    I’m embarrassingly behind on my tbr list as you all know. I got this book, Trapeze, by Leigh Ansell months and months ago but I just got to read it over the past week. Another Wattpad writer to support and get inspiration from! On a side note – funnily enough I got one of those notifications on Facebook yesterday of what I was doing however many years ago and it was a video of me at a trapeze class in New York City! Trapeze follows a 17-year old girl named Corey who has grown up in the circus. She has lived with her Aunt Shelby, touring the country and training to…

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    Donut Tube + Leopard One-Piece

    What happens when you’re stuck in a heat wave, your community pool isn’t opening this summer because of COVID, and your parents won’t let you put an inflatable pool in their backyard because it will ruin their lawn? You sit in a donut pool float with the underground sprinklers going. It actually was really refreshing! I did take these photos pretty early in the morning though so that my parents’ neighbors wouldn’t think I was totally crazy. I love this leopard print wrap one-piece bathing suit too! I wore it last weekend when I did this whole tube in the sprinklers thing along with a white lace cover-up. Swimsuit: Aerie…

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    7 Of The Worst Things You Can Do In Your 20s

    Your 20s is something many people call ‘the defining decade.’ This is because it can be the decade that helps to shape you in many ways. You will build relationships during this time that you will learn a lot from, and you’ll have experiences that could change the course of your life forever. This doesn’t mean that you need to do everything you want to do in your 20s because your life is over afterwards – it simply means that you can start putting a few of the important puzzle pieces into place now so you can have a satisfactory end picture.  To help you out, below you’ll find 7…

  • Ham & Chive Omelet


    Ham & Chive Scrambled Omelet

    Today, I’m sharing a really easy side dish or small meal that is an old favorite/comfort food. When my mom makes Chinese food (unless we’re eating noodles or something like that) it usually consists of white rice and an assortment of 3-5 side dishes. One thing I’ve eaten throughout my life is eggs with some sort of meat and a vegetable. It can vary. Sometimes it’s got roast pork and string bean niblets. Sometimes, like how I’m making it here, it is chives and ham. I took these photos last year when I decided to make this ham & chive (sort of) omelet to bring to work for lunch with…

  • Delaware River Tubing


    Tubing on the Delaware River

    Believe it or not, I’d never gone tubing before last week. I have a handful of friends who have gone river tubing for years, but I just never did. Of course, the year I live in a condo that has an outdoor pool, the pool is not opening this year due to COVID. The beach is about 45 minutes away and I hope to get there at least once this summer, but I’m not in a rush with the whole social distancing thing. So when my friend invited me to go tubing on the Delaware River with her and 2 of her co-workers, I said yes. Any chance to get…

  • Tulip Hem T-Shirt Dress

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    Tulip Hem T-Shirt Dress

    I don’t know what it is about tulip hems, but I love them. In tops, dresses, whatever. I love that overlapping style. This style dress has been around for a while. I remember seeing people wear t-shirt dresses with tulip hems last year and loving the style. It’s a good mix of classic and fun – a perfect basic. I wore this light blue tulip hem t-shirt dress with my heart pavé pendant and neon accented sneakers over the weekend. Dress: Amazon (here) | Sneakers: New Balance | Necklace: The Styled Collection (here) This dress is so comfy, stretchy, and is double lined so you don’t need to worry about…

  • Black Bodysuit & Striped Shorts

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    Restyled: Strappy Bodysuit + Striped Shorts

    Was it a scorcher of a weekend for you where you live? It was 100 here yesterday and so humid. The evenings did cool down enough (90 with a tiny bit of a breeze) that I was able to get out and go for walks to get some exercise in. Last week, during one of the really hot days, I restyled 2 items that I shared on the blog last summer – my ribbed, strappy back bodysuit and my black & white striped pull on shorts. I think I wore the shorts with a brightly colored t-shirt last summer on here and I wore the bodysuit with khaki green pull…

  • Orchid Care



    Orchids are some of the prettiest flowers in my opinion. They remind me of the tropics, and I so wish i was on vacation to anywhere tropical right now. My mom is like the queen of orchids. I don’t remember when exactly she started collecting them but it’s been years and she can’t stop herself from buying more every year. Hers bloom without fail every year and then she cuts them back when the flowers fall off and then they regrow/bloom. I have one orchid plant at my condo and while I was watering mine recently I thought it would make for a useful blog post to show how to…