• View from Eiffel Tower
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    Photo Challenge: Atop

    I love aerial views. It’s always so breathtaking to see things from up above and get another perspective of a place. I have various views from up above from different skyscrapers, from different outlook points on mountains, from planes, etc. So when I was thinking about which picture I wanted to use for The Daily Post’s “Atop” photo challenge I decided to go with one from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This particular shot is probably not the best one I have from atop, but since I recently saw Beauty & the Beast I’m still in that France/Paris mindset! Have a good Friday – we’re so close to the weekend!

  • Photography,  Travel

    Photo Challenge: On the Way

    Happy [Photo Challenge] Friday! I felt like this week went by super slow, but it’s almost the weekend! This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “On the Way”. The photo challenge prompted participants to share a photo of something they saw on their way to their destination. Oftentimes there are great gems on the way to a destination. The photo I chose, I shared on here last summer, but not for a photo challenge. This amazing picture is an aerial view from my plane on the way to Hawaii. We were getting ready to descend onto Oahu, which was not my final destination — at least not at…