• Dried Fruit & Cheese Board

    Dried Fruit & Cheese Board

    This cheeseboard snack is the easiest thing to put together that still looks like you put some thought in to it. All I did was cut some brie, grab some sliced almonds, dried apricots, and craisins. Seriously so easy! The creaminess of the brie with the sweet and tart flavors of the dried apricots and craisins work together so well. And then there’s the crunch of the sliced almonds for an extra bonus. So good! This is so easy, but I figured it might be an idea you may not have thought of so I wanted to share!

  • Brie & Cactus Jelly on Baguette

    Brie + Cactus Jelly

    You might be tired of hearing me talk about how hot it is here, but I’m going to probably keep mentioning it until the real feel temperature isn’t 110 degrees outside. With that being said, it’s good to have some easy snack ideas on hand that don’t require the oven. I’ve mentioned it before, but summer is the best time to make easy, refreshing foods/recipes like the bruschetta one I shared here recently. Today I’m sharing another easy snack, again incorporating baguette. Last summer I went to Arizona, Sedona specifically, and came back with jars of cactus jelly. I sliced up some baguette, spread some cactus jelly on each slice, and…