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    NARS Cheek Palette

    I have to preface this post by saying that sadly I don’t think this cheek palette is available anymore. I got it during the holidays but didn’t have a chance to share it before now. BUT, all the shades in it are staple NARS shades so you can easily buy them individually or in other cheek palettes in the future I’m sure since they are cult favorites. I mostly got this one just because I didn’t own these cult favorites on their own and the packaging was so cool! So I named this blog post “NARS Cheek Palette” because it’s really called NARS Orgasm Infatuation and I didn’t want that…

  • Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora


    Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora

    I’ve never been to Museum of Ice Cream, but I always see photos and videos of people going when it’s in their city and it looks like so much fun. Ice cream themed exhibits and a pool of sprinkles to dive in to – who wouldn’t want to go to that?! So to tide me over until I one day get to go, I had to browse the collaboration Museum of Ice Cream did with Sephora. There are multiple items in the collection such as a charm bracelet, cheek palette, eyeshadow palette (that looks like a popsicle or ice cream bar!), brushes, etc. A few years ago, I would buy…

  • Becca x Chrissy - Glow Face Palette


    Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face

    Who doesn’t love Chrissy Teigen? Well, I suppose some people don’t but I do. She’s witty, beautiful, stylish, and hilarious. Plus, she cooks all the time on her social media (and has cook books) and she’s half-Asian. Her mom is Thai and she often features her on her Instagram stories and they’re so cute together! So she’s pretty awesome in my book. A few months ago Becca and Chrissy did a collaboration together to create the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. I loved the images of the palette as soon as I saw them, but I didn’t feel I needed it. At least not right away. Fast forward a few…