• Curry Chicken + Potatoes


    Curry Chicken + Potatoes

    Curry is one of those flavors that differs depending on where in the world your dish comes from. For example, curry flavors and dishes differ among chinese, thai, and indian foods. Today, I’m sharing a curry chicken & potato recipe that my family has been making for years. This is based on my grandmother’s recipe and has no measurements which means every time we make it it varies a bit, but I can at least give you the ingredients! For this recipe, I used a fresh chicken chopped into smaller pieces. To marinate the chicken you’ll need: salt, sugar, chinese cooking wine, corn starch, and white pepper. Marinate the chicken…

  • Curry Chicken

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    Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

    When it comes to dinnertime, as much as I like going out or eating some exciting or fancy meal, sometimes you just need to eat some comfort food. With how crazy busy work has been lately, I’ve really been savoring the few moments of downtime I’ve had in the past 2 weeks. So for this week’s photo challenge, “Dinnertime“, I decided to take pictures of the curry chicken I made and had for dinner last weekend. My grandmother on my dad’s side, supposedly made amazingly delicious curry chicken. I don’t remember ever eating it at home – she may have made it often when I was too young to eat…